much ado about hairballs

the first time i ever saw a hairball i didn’t know what it was. a digested mouse? a gross, dark ball of fur and clumps of food mixed with mucus and bile. nef started getting hairballs when she got a little older, so this was a very new experience for me, especially because i never had cats growing up. when i actually witnessed the process of throwing up a hairball, it freaked me out, naturally. nef proceeded to meow hysterically, then politely excused herself to my bedroom to throw it up all over the floor.  when she finished, she looked most satisfied. and so was my first lesson in hairballs.

hairballs occur when the cat is unable to digest its fur, collected from grooming. it usually gets passed through poop, but cats’ digestive tracts become less hardy with age. i got some hairball medicine from the vet, which i guess works pretty well. however, i prefer the natural remedies. i think it’s a good idea to tackle the root of the issue, so, upon the advice of a coworker and fellow cat-owner, i decided to invest  in…


this thing is amazing. the amount of excess fur that comes out of this tiny comb is astounding. i’m sure it would work well for long-haired dogs too. nef loves it, and she also likes to play with her not-so-little balls of fur – talk about eco-friendly and sustainable! don’t believe me? behold!

nef playing in her fur

in other hairball tips, it’s also helpful to feed your cat a grain-free diet, especially if they have sensitive stomachs. nef (and bergie) also love organic coconut oil,  which is great for humans too! i give them both a little dollop when i am putting it on as lotion. it’s nice for their skin and fur, and i would also think helps to coat their stomach lining.

happy furballs!

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