cat toys for working pet parents

Hello!  My name is Aubrey and I am auntie to Bergie & Nef.  I live with my Maine Coon mix Bear in a lovely apartment near Nashville, Tennessee.

Bear, cousin to Nef & Bergie

I’m a full-time working pet parent, so I feel bad leaving Bear home alone during the day.  As a Maine Coon, he’s particularly active and restless (he loves playing fetch!) so I knew we’d need to have some occupancy-type toys for him to play with.  You need a different kind of toy to leave behind, one that doesn’t require human interaction for play.

Current Toys:

Grreat Choice™ Sponge Ball Cat Toys - PetSmart

Grreat Choice™ Sponge Ball Cat Toys

Sponge Balls are Bear’s favorite thing.  We have to keep digging them out from behind furniture and under the stove because he plays with them everywhere.  These are what he uses to fetch, but also to play with while we’re gone.  He bats them around like crazy.  They lightweight material makes them very easy for your cat to toss up into the air and chase.

Cat Activity Center

The Trixie Cat Activity Center is awesome.  It’s an investment, but it is great enrichment for your cat.  You place treats throughout the puzzle (we use Temptations) and your cat has to figure out how to get them out.  Bear is obsessed with this thing, mostly because he gets scrumptious munchies from it, but I know that when I leave it with treats during the day he’ll have some fun when I’m gone.

Cat Tracks… there are so many of these out there, and Bear loves them all.  He has two, one like the photo above with scratching surface, another with a double-track (two balls).  He plays with these all on his own, even when we’re at home.  These are an easy-to-find toy that many cats enjoy!

We all feel a bit guilty leaving our pets behind when we go to work… and we feel even worse when we get back to a destroyed living space because our pets are acting out.  But ever since we invested in some fun toys for Bear, he seems happier and more content when we get home from a long day at the office.

Soooo tired after all those toys!

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