meet nef


full name: nefertiti cat sorensen-park
birthday: september 9, 2009
birthplace: [unknown]
adopted from: animal haven
favorite pastimes: playing with pens, gazing out of the window for long periods of time, eating house plants, staring at pigeons, hiding in closets, catching (and eating) flies, and scratching
favorite food: anything wet
favorite toy: yeowww! catnip rainbow

1044127_10101573113295150_2132036374_nfavorite gadget: catit drinking fountain. it makes water so fun!!!!!!
things i hate: clothes (when they’re on me), water (when it’s on me…though i am curious about it), boxes, westies, my carrier, the strange window to a parallel universe in the bathroom that i can’t get through for some reason
guilty pleasure: chewing plastic bags

eye of sauron

favorite place to avoid contact from humans: under the bed, in or above shelves and cupboards
most embarrassing experience? none, obviously.
celebrity crush? binx from hocus pocus
describe yourself in three words. a real cat.

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