a day at the north fork

we spent this past father’s day at the north fork of long island, exploring wine country with bergie’s grandparents. the north fork is only a couple of hours outside of nyc (with moderate traffic), and bergmonster slept most of the way. this was his first long car ride, and he did quite well!

i had to do some extensive research to figure out if i could bring bergie along. this was helpful, and so was this. many vineyards allow dogs in the picnic area, but not in the tasting rooms. you really have to pick the vineyard carefully to make sure you can either 1) taste outside or 2) be relatively close to the room.

we went to 3 vineyards + 1 lunch place, and here’s what we thought:

baiting hollow farm & vineyard // decent picnic area, but the wine is not-so-great. the coolest thing about this place is that it’s also a horse rescue. it’s very unpretentious and has a friendly vibe. we should’ve brought our own snacks. limited space for dogs to play, unless they don’t mind just chillin’ next to the table.




the lunch truck @ the north fork table & inn // when i used to eat meat, i LOVED the artisanal hot dogs here. the other adult humans agreed, they’re pretty darn good (at the expense of cows’ lives!). the veg options are few, and i was not entirely satisfied with my hummus sandwich (bleh). they’ve got a picnic area already set up in the back with chairs and big blankets. bergie enjoyed munching on sticks. P.S. the lemonade is SOUR, but i liked it.

crouteaux vineyard // SUPER CUTE. SO CUTE. this place made me want move to the country and create a garden of clever, recycled wine bottle art. everyone at this place wears these colorful, hand printed tunics, has a nice tan, and looks happy. there is also dog named sarge, who looks strangely human.  he followed us around most of the time and tried to hump bergie a couple of times. we liked this place a lot. my mom & i liked the rosé; the guys did not. bergie spent most of the time trying to eat the gravel and wood chips, so that was annoying.







jamesport vineyard // no pics, sorry. this place had the best wine and the best layout for dogs. there’s a huge backyard with chairs and tables (and enough spaces between) for dogs and wild children to roam. the only bad thing about it was that the live music was too loud and pretty awful. other than that, we enjoyed our time here a lot. we got to relax a bit before the drive, talked to the bartenders and avoided a mean frenchie, bergie finally pooped, and then we went home.

overall, we had a very nice time. bergie was pooped (figuratively) by the end, and the humans went home with a couple of bottles of wine and some pleasant memories.


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